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What is CastingAbout?

CastingAbout is your go-to resource for keeping up with who's casting what in Los Angeles and New York. Union projects, casting directors, associates, assistants, mailing addresses and social media links -- all in one place, whenever you need it, updated daily. We do the research so you don’t have to.

OK, but what do I do with it?

Working actors use CastingAbout everyday to find the information they need to stay informed, stay in touch, track casting careers, and build the kind of long-term, working relationships that result in more auditions. Here's the truth: casting directors tend to call in actors they know and trust. Your job is to become one of those people. CastingAbout helps make that happen.

Take a look...

Marketing. Made easy.

Submitting for auditions is important -- but it's only half the equation. If a CD doesn’t already know you, or isn't familiar with your work, chances are that submission is going to be overlooked. CastingAbout gives you the tools and information necessary to market yourself, to build the kind of familiarity and awareness that makes casting directors think of you first when an opportunity arises.

It’s who you know. You know?

To compete as a professional actor, you need to know the names of everyone in the room, which CD picked up the latest pilot, and where that associate you met six months ago is working now. CastingAbout tracks the careers and contact info of over 3,000 casting personnel, then gives you the search, sort, filter, note and print functions that make it easy to focus in on just the CDs that are most likely to get you work.

Don’t get left behind.

The casting world moves fast. Projects come and go, staff members change, offices move from one location to another. Our researchers focus exclusively on casting, and work directly with casting offices everyday to keep up with all the changes. We update our listings continually behind the scenes, ensuring every time you log in, you have the most accurate and complete info at your fingertips.

All this, for only $9.95 per month or $48.95 per year.

I love CastingAbout! It's my go-to when someone asks, "Did that show get picked up? Is it filming now? What network is it on? Who casts? Where does it shoot?" CastingAbout has all the answers. And it's a great website, so easy to navigate, which I really appreciate!

Tamar Kummel
Actor, Writer, Producer

CastingAbout is an absolutely essential resource for any actor who wants to build relationships with casting. I'm amazed at the helpful features, like mailing labels and social media information for casting.

Ajarae Coleman
Actor & Founder: Acting Resource Guru

An excellent resource for actors who want to keep up with moment-to-moment changes in the world of casting....

Bonnie Gillespie
Casting Director, Coach & Author: Self-Management for Actors

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